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Valnor AS - your complete valve supplier


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Valnor recognize that the documentation is often a vital part of the valve package.

Are you bidding on, or working with a project that requires the need of valves?

Valnor has at any time a large and diverse range of valves, fittings etc in our warehouse.

Valnor is a supplier of all kinds of valves and accessories for Instrumentation and piping systems. Our customers are within the shipping, offshore and onshore process Industry. We also offer valve customizations.


Valnor AS aim to deliver products with the right quality at the right price, at the right time.

We are a complete valve supplier providing everything from simple, affordable products to more advanced customized solutions. From small sizes to large sizes and in all possible materials.



Our vision is to be the market leader and the customers first choice as a provider of valves and fittings.

Valnor AS

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Valnor AS - your complete valve supplier

Valnor AS - your complete valve supplier

Valnor AS - your complete valve supplier

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Valnor has a constant focus on health safety and security in our working environment and in our supplier base.