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About Us



VALNOR AS was established in September 1999. We started up in a location at Lervig in Stavanger.

Eventually this got to small, so we moved to Hillev├ąg in Stavanger.

After 8 good years this also got to small and made us move again, this time to Lura where we are today.

We have now established ourselves as one of the leading companies in Norway within the valve business. Besides

valves, we also supply and stock different types of fittings, regulators, tubing,

pumps and boosters. As we put quality as one ouf our top priorities, we have established

partner / distribution agreements with some of the worlds leading manufacturers of valves.

Producers come from Europe, including England, Italy, Germany, Spain and France.

In addition, we have some producers from the United States and Asia. We are now in an exciting time where

service and fast delivery is becoming increasingly important, and in that case we are building up our stock

to keep the delivery time down.




Deliver products to the right quality at the right price, at the right time. To be a complete valve supplier

providing everything from simple, affordable products to more advanced customized solutions. From small

sizes to large sizes and in all possible materials.




To be the market leader and the customers first choice as a provider of valves and fittings.




Focus on our customer needs, both when it comes to products, quality, price and delivery times.

Keeping a large stock of right products for tquick delivery. Update and educate

internal staff so that we can give our clients the best possible service. Finding

partners all over Norway. To be solution-oriented and make suggestions that can

make it cheaper and easier for the customer in their everyday lives. Quality is to be thorough

in all aspects of products, services and employees.